Yard Drainage Chicago

Standing water in divots or cavities of your yard can cause major problems, such as killing your grass and ruining your plants and fences. Yard drainage in Chicago prevents the damaging and overlooked problems many homeowners face on a regular basis. Don't let potential problem slide long enough that they become the reason you need emergency repairs at a later date. Get the facts now and save yourself time and money in the long run!

When do I need to consider using yard drains in Chicago?

Yard drainage or piping should be considered whenever water begins to accumulate in the back or front yard of a house. This can happen because of the shape or slope of the yard, excessive rain or roof drainage, or a temperamental sump pump that has developed problems with normal drainage.

Why is yard drainage in Chicago important to take care of?

Excess standing water in your yard can cause serious damage to the foundation of the house. The water tends to enter hairline fractures in the cement of the foundation and cause immense pressure over time, widening and deepening the cracks. This becomes a noticeable problem when the basement floods, electricity circuits are disrupted, or cracks in external siding and stone become visible.

What if I already have underground extensions?

Some facts about underground extensions: Most contractors use ABS flexible piping for underground lines. The biggest problem is, when this type of piping becomes compromised, it typically can't be cleaned or maintained. SGBT only uses rigid PVC piping, which will facilitate underground water movement for years. If you thought your Chicago yard drainage was already taken care of by another company, but you are now having problems, it's time to give us a call.

Whether you are in need of a bubbler pot, yard basin, a debris filter, or if you're not sure what you need to remedy your yard drainage problems, call Safeguard Waterproofing to restore and protect your home and yard from further water damage. Your lawn, piping, and wallet will thank you for taking extra precautions.

Some facts about under ground extensions: Most contractors use ABS flexible piping for underground lines. The largest problem is that when this type of piping becomes compromised in typically can’t be cleaned or maintained. FACT: SGBT ONLY USES RIDGID PVC piping which will help allow for years of under ground water movement.

Debris Filters-for down spout extensions help keep debris from entering the under ground line

Freeze Stop- allows your sump pump to discharge even when your underground becomes frozen.

Yard drainage- Under ground lines made of PVC pipes carry the water from a specific location to the discharge point.

Inspection Ports- allows for easy access to the under ground line in the rare case maintenance is needed.

Flow Wells-when you have multiple underground discharge lines going to one area, this will allow the water to dissipate into the ground more easily.

Bubbler Pot- It's saucer type top pops up when water pressure builds up in the under ground line, and closes when pressure drops.

Yard Basin’s – Help collect water from specific areas and direct it into the under ground line.